Sunday, January 27, 2013

Resolving Conflict Through Yoga

For this week, I read an article explaining how conflicts can be resolved using yoga techniques. In the article, it explains that conflict begins when "we turn things around by mis-identifying with the ego self." Using what yoga teaches us, we are able to step outside the ego self and look at our true self instead. This helps with our ability to listen to others and their point of view on the situation. When we gain perspective on our true self, we can enter a state of serenity. In this state we can stay calm and serene even when faced with problems or conflict.
The article also talks about how yoga conflict resolution techniques were used during the Cold War to help the Soviets and the Americans to "build understanding and trust" between each other. I thought this was interesting because it showed how yoga resolution techniques are actually an accredited set of techniques for resolving conflict.

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