Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yoga for Fatigue

For my blog this week, I read an article about yoga and fatigue. I have currently been suffering from fatigue and can not seem to get enough sleep or have enough energy to get through the day. The article gives tips on some basic poses that can help with fatigue. The first is Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara. Sun Salutation is a series of poses meant to warm you up and establish a link between your movement an breath. It consists of starting in mountain pose, bringing your arms up to the sky then bending down into a forward fold. From here you step back into a plank, then lower yourself and move into upward facing dog. You then move into downward facing dog. Next bend your knees and step forward into a forward fold. Finally lift halfway up, move back into forward fold, then lift all the way up with your hands towards the sky and bring your hands to your heart. Sun Salutation can be repeated as many times as needed.
The article also explains that forward fold pose, fish pose, and headstands help with fatigue. Fish pose is a pose I have not currently done but it sounds very interesting. To start fish pose, you first lay on your back with bent knees and your arms at your side. You then arch your back and raise it off the ground while pressing down your elbows. The head is then tilted back to rest on the floor. This pose seems like it would be great at opening up your back and diaphragm.
For this next week, I am going to try and do these poses once a day and see if they help with my fatigue.

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