Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best Yoga Poses for Women

For this week, I looked up an article about the best yoga poses for women. The poses include half pushup, planks pose, plow pose, supported head stand, feathered peacock pose, mountain pose, downward dog, warrior pose, twisted chair, and marichi's pose. These poses were chosen because they have specific benefits that are good for women. For example, the half pushup and plank pose stimulate calcium retention, which is vital for fighting osteoporosis. The plow pose and supported head stand pose invert your body, which is helpful for regulating the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The glands are vital for maintaining hormone production. The twisted chair pose and Marichi's pose benefit a woman's adrenal system and help support your bones. The adrenal system makes adrenaline in the body. These poses, along with downward facing dog, help to quiet this system and alleviate stress. We have done many of these poses in class, including twisted chair, warrior pose, downward dog, plank, mountain pose, and half pushup. I would like to try the others though, specially feathered peacock and supported headstand pose.

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