Sunday, April 21, 2013

Breathing Methods

For my blog this week, I read an article about how to cope with depression, anxiety, and fatigue through breathing and meditation.
For anxiety, it is best to focus on lengthening exhalations. It is best to make your exhalations soft and even from beginning to end. To work on fatigue, you first settle into your everyday break then pause briefly after exhalations. It is good to explore the lengths of your exhalation and inhalations, and to focus on the sound of your inhalations. For depression, it is best not to force your breaths. Start by slowing down your breathing and then counting the lengths of your inhalations and exhalations. Next try to match your inhalation and exhalation lengths to make them even.
These breathing methods like they would be really helpful. I know when I am stressed I try to slow down my breathing and it really helps. Next time I get stressed, I might try these methods out.

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